The opening ceremony of Meilan Lake station – metro line 7 was held at Meilan station in Luodian New Town in December 28th, 2010. The northward extended project of metro line 7 entered into trial operation on the same day. Gucun Park station, Luonan Xincun station and Meilan Lake station of northern extension was began operating first. This line combines Gucun "Sigao Estate" and Luodian New Town which are still in construction, and it's also convenient for the people in Baoshan Gucun, Luodian Western District and urban district.

Meilan Lake Station is positioned at the terminus station of Line 7 where Meidan road and Hutai road crosses. It's a comprehensive "P+R" traffic hub defined by Shanghai planning bureau and Shanghai transportation bureau which means it consists of parking and railways. It has around 500 social parking spots, 4 starting stops of bus lines, 10 stops of coach lines, and around 22000-square-meter commercial project which is currently renovating right now.

The comprehensive building contains 5 floors. The first floor contains bus station, coach station, commercial hall, P+R vehicle ramp, transfer hall. The 1000-square-meter commercial facilities which are seated along the street and transfer station are complementary to each other. The second and third floor has a 14000-square-meter century lianhua supermarket which is connected to the metro by a bridge. The forth floor is a 70000-square-meter food & beverage commercial area. The fifth floor is P+R car parking.

Meilan Lake station – as a comprehensive transport and commercial building is the key part of several expressways. There are A30, A20, A12 and Hutai road nearby that they become a huge and modern traffic system. Line 7 also provides huge conveniences to the people live around. Meilan Lake station got the advantage as comprehensive service function due to it's near the suburb but still within Shanghai. It offers huge conveniences to the people who live and travel near Luodian new town and Taichang – Jiangsu. Therefore, it provides a long term motivation for the development of new town.